The Spreading Infection

It's hard to say where or when the infection began.  I mean...

**When the WW II generation whose guts and willingness to sacrifice everything for country and countrymen became last decade's news?

**When the everyday heroes that defined that generation [like Uncle Charlie--age 17, 5 feet 4 inches in socks--who enlisted in the Army and fought in the Ardennes.] were replaced by lazy entitled perpetually petulant self-appointed social critics of America's core values and social institutions, bent on reshaping America in response to the rhetorical gas of marx, lenin, stalin, mao, castro, tom hayden, and a few other totalitarians?

Of course, 1968 was a big year.

Maybe there was no center.  Maybe the infection broke out all over and overnight--like lawn fungus.  Or smallpox.

Anyhow, the leftist creed...

America is racist bureaucracy is bad authority is never legitimate capitalism is slavery family and religion are pathogenic there is no truth anyone who knows this is smarter and better than everyone else who doesn't and therefore has an obligation to do whatEVER it takes to bring down "the system"...

spread to universities (especially ed schools and departments of anguish, political science, and sociology), public schools, big media, "helping professions," and families. 

While not always seeking violent overthrow of American society, still college perfessers, college students, public intellectuals, newly-created resentment-and-entitlement groups, and public "servants" reared on left ideas, remained arrogant, impatient, and continually critical of America, and worked incessantly to impose on everyone else their visions for education, family life, "the environment," the Constitution, gun ownership, speech, thought, and everyday social interactions.

And so we see the results--relentless "progressivism" (combined with repression of everything not progressively correct) in university curricula, the workplace, and public schools, to name a few.

This page directs Our Dear Readers to screeds that address "The Progressive Insurgency."

The Big Appleheads.  Against science, good advice, reason, and common sense, The Powers That Be install bizarre reading programs for kids who need the best designed programs.  

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